• Felix Kankwamba


Landmrk is an app-free mobile web platform that enables you to position digital content in set places in the real world that we refer to as hotspots. Users access the platform via a web link, at which point they access an introductory page and are then moved to a map that shows both their position and those of the hotspots. When they have made their way to a hotspot, they can unlock the content, and when they leave it is locked.

How it works


Create fully branded campaigns using our intuitive interface and get your content on the map (either directly through the mobile web or as part of a pre-existing app)


Promote your campaign URL, enabling users to activate your branded map and hotspots via Landmrk


Present your content and produce experiences that directly engage your audience in clearly defined physical locations


Track performance and engagement using our dedicated analytics suite, optimising the experience based on hard data

Landmrk are an associated partner in the Metropolis project bringing their expertise in new technology. Utilizing Geo-Mapping technology the project will produce interactive city guides to be used by young people. This will act as an incentivised , immersive experience which will get young people out of the classroom in order to explore their city.

Young people have grown up as digital natives, there is an expectation amongst this cohort that learning should be delivered using digital technology, something which current teaching practices do not always address. Similarly, this generation are used to playing online games in their free time, Consequently by embracing game based learning approaches, information will be deliver in a innovative fun way and so the engagement of young people will be increased.

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