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Cultural Heritage for the Future: The Role of Digital Innovation

“Cultural Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values”

Unesco 2019

Young people have grown up digitally native, Metropolis embraces open and innovative digital practices, this is epitomised by the digital interactive city maps of each chosen region, which have been produced and individually adapted by the corresponding project partners. By presenting information in a medium recognised by young people, the project aims to increase engagement with regions’ industrial heritage. Furthermore, this engagement with both cultural heritage and new digital technology is driven by a desire to address social inclusion within the chosen areas.

The partnership recently met in October in Bradford 2019, United Kingdom for their third transnational meeting with prior meetings in Nicosia, Cyprus and Fürth, Germany. The partnership discussed the culmination of Intellectual Output 1 and the beginning of Intellectual Output 2, the meeting included a platform demonstration with the hotspot locations for Bradford.

*Image of the Metropolis city map guide*

Output 1 consisted of the development of the methodology for desk and field research, interview research with experts in the field of cultural and industrial heritage and the identification of hotspots locations for the City Map Guides drawing out case study examples and summarising historic and future developments.

Intellectual Output 2 will produce the interactive maps. This will include developing “heritage trails”, unlocking geo-specific information (photos, factsheets) about the city labour market and industrial heritage.

*The Midlands Hotel, Bradford content page on Metropolis City Map*

Throughout all meetings and work on the project, we always keep in mind that the foundation of the project is that cultural heritage, provides memory and a retrospective on past developments and achievements, whilst also offering a reflection on our present identity as wellbeing source of inspiration for the future.

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