In order to appreciate the cultural heritage of the corresponding regions and to develop the City Map Guides, the question arises which historical aspects are relevant for the sensitization of today's youth. How can the society of that time be described in such a way that it becomes understandable and comprehensible for today's youth and which focal points are of particular importance for consideration? The industrialization of the regions and the factors of today's labor market can be examined in many ways and not all developments of the past and present are of importance for the aims of the project

In order to fulfil these ambition partners focus was on desk and field research as well as expert interviews. This allowed partners to map the areas of previous industrial activity, understanding the influence these activities had on the development of the city and the impact their decline had on stereotypes around the urban areas’ post-industrial identity. On the other hand the focus lies on the exploration of the areas of labour market growth within the current city economy, as well as the predicted future job trends.

The results of these research activities will be summarised in a series of city map guides which will link concrete urban examples that determine the past, present and future economic activity of cities.

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